Monthly Archives: April 2016

On Giving Thanks

If you know me the very vast me, you would know the very both opposite spectrums of life that i have.

I have recently came back from a very much needed break. Visiting Japan has very much made me feel alive. So alive that reaching home, I teared, and thought to myself, ” Not this sad place again”. I guess the biggest fear was facing me myself – the biggest,harshest and the most demanding critic. Quickly linking my job to ‘satisfaction’ in life. And it ends there. No such thing of what a dream job is. Personally, a dream job is what you make of it.

I came back to a brand new position, so grateful to be noticed and given the chance to take on new responsibilities.

I have had a hectic whole 3 weeks, upon returning from Japan. 15 hour work days – weekdays and weekend. I’m glad its all over now. News got to me that, my model will replicated amongst other countries.

And that very night, driving home. And I remember my motto in life, ” I want to change the world”. Doesn’t matter how small or big, I’m sure I’m changing someone’s life, opinion, mood, direction. And true enough, I am changing SEA, with my replicated model.

I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I finally see, the path that I am on, and how I was lead here in the first place. I’m living my dream, one way or another, with my job as a tool. God has made that happen for me, every step of the way.

P/S: Papa, you would have been so proud of me.


So much beauty in this world. It puts back the life into your soul.