Little slices of joy.

Happiness/contentment is huge work.

I think it’s a universal struggle, everyone tries to reach that state of mind. Some see it as an end point ( and then that’s all you focus on, and you can’t see what Is front of you). Some also expect, to find it or receive it in form of a Box.

For me, it happens is small little amounts, and then I accumulate it throughout the day, and most of the time it makes me realise how much I have, how contented I am.

There’s a mini firework when my Boyfriend greets me with a kiss.

Imagine the moment my body hits the bed, so much joy.

When the Niece wants to give me a hug, becuase we haven’t spoke in a long time.

Or even, when my tastebud jumps for joy when I have some good carrot cake.

And when I need to take the bus, and it comes 2 seconds after I arrived at the bus stop.