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I’m excited to showcase my old shoes, with a new clean look. But it rained today, and I had to step in a puddle of water to get to the other side. it’s now soiled.

and that’s the way life is sometimes.

What’s in your basket.

Sunday; grocery shopping time.

I’ve got grapefruit, spinach, zuchinni (current obsession), red bell pepper; pumpkin (don’t know why i bought this- it requires energy to slice them and longer cooking time until they are tender),  eggs, corn, tuna and mackerel.

unsweetened almond milk, organic chocolate, and

two packets full of everything sugar. The green tea ice cream was disappointing though.


Last month’a craze was chips. Lol. And the month before that was butter cookies.


Oh Vanessa


if u do not fall asleep in the next hour or anytime soon. You will redefine what pain is tomorrow… and the next couple of days until Friday, nope. Saturday.


Pls sleep my love. Pls shut down brain

Life is unfair they say.

You know it, but you understand it when you are experiencing it.


” Lonely rivers sigh, rivers sigh, rivers sigh,

Wait for me, wait for me, wait for me, wait for me,

I’ll be coming home, wait for me “

The way you move so swiftly.

Turned 30.

What you’re going to give me, what are you going to take. What are you going to open up, or close? Be gentle. Be kind. Be funny. Have fun. Dont need anything big. Keep it small. Keep it good.

The unnecessary noise you allow into your life, is also cleared as you only entertain the noise from the voices you truly want and need to hear. Because there’s so little time and so so much to do. Socially, with so little time to spare, you make sure you extend coffee sessions to the few whom you really prioritize and need and wants to spend time and keep in touch with.

An essentialisation of life. Flush the flab. Keep the meat. Feel the real. Trash the rest.

Life has greater meaning for me this way.

What to expect back.

You know how sometimes when you reach out a limb. You try to be brave, and you try to be the change you want to experience.

And all u get in return are bruises.


Reach out anyway. (Not applicable to assholes and people that are just difficult to love).